Sunday, September 15, 2013

Seahawks Dinner Party - May 2013

In celebration of tonight's Seahawks Home Opener against the San Francisco 49ers we highlight this Seahawks themed dinner party Pink Blossom Events designed this past May for a clients dinner party. Working with Lola Event Floral & Design, decor highlights included a centerpiece of cut footballs holding wheat grass on the main dining table and an acrylic football appetizer display! The four course dinner that night was catered by One Eighty Foundation! Thank you to Hope Spring Photography by Dasha Wright and Robert Jacobs for photographing the setup.
Leather beer koozies and turf wine markers added to the celebration!
Appetizers flanked this acrylic football centerpiece created by Lola Event Floral & Design which was inspired by Pink Blossom Events vision for the evening.
Royal blue pintuck linens with avocado shantung napkins from ABC Special Event Rentals by Cort were inspired by the Seahawks team colors. After dreaming up a centerpiece of cut footballs and wheat grass, Lola Event Floral & Design took that idea ran with it for the dining table centerpiece.

BreeAnn, Thank you for all your hard work on the event with Sally & Tom. Your timeliness and professionalism hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Thank you! Lisa Guise
(Project Mgr, One Eight Foundation)

Event Planning & Design - Pink Blossom Events
Floral - Lola Event Floral & Design (you rock!!!)
Photography - Hope Spring Photography

INCREDIBLE!  A description of the evening.  One of our guests said "next to my wedding and the birth of my children this was the most wonderful evening of my life".  The decor.....the was all simply stunning!  Thank you, thank you!

Warmest thanks to you,

Tom & Sally

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