Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Beer Hunt Ideas!

What started with a group of six friends trying a new spin on the Easter Egg Hunt back in 2007 has now turned into the Annual Easter Beer Hunt and this April (hosting it the weekend after Easter this year) will mark year number six (we had to skip one year unfortunately)! As each year progresses, the excitement continues to build and I wanted to share some fun ideas for you to host your own Easter Beer Hunt! Who says Easter is just for kids?

Decor Ideas
Also check out our Easter Pinterest Board for additional ideas for decor.

What to ask each guest to bring? Each guest is asked to bring a six pack of their favorite beer. Then depending on the menu for that night, you can ask each guest to bring an appetizer or entree for a potluck dinner or provide your own Easter feast for your guests.

How to play? 1. After all the guests have arrived, designate two people to hide all of the beers outside while the rest of the group hides inside. Be sure to set a boundary of where the hiding will occur and also count the exact number of beers that are hidden to ensure your guests find all bottles of beer. 2. Once all of the beers are hidden, have each guest grab an empty beer container and let the hunt begin!

3. Winner is determined by who finds the most number of beers. 4. Give out prizes for the top three winners. Prizes may vary from a basket full of Easter candy to a cash prize! Time to eat and celebrate! Easter is a fun way to incorporate some of our favorite foods of the year including deviled eggs, ham and potato salad. Why not include those plus some fun items to mix with the beer theme?
Soft pretzels, peanuts and my favorite for those of you having a bonfire are peep smores! Wishing you a successful Easter Beer Hunt and a Hoppy Easter!

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