Monday, May 30, 2011

Honoring Those Who Served

As we pause for a moment this Memorial Day to honor those we have lost in the call of duty it brings upon a question of how you can honor your heroes at your wedding? Through the years I have seen numerous ways that my clients have honored those friends and family members who have served, are in active duty and unable to attend or those we are remembering who fought for our freedom.For example, a couple of years ago at my sister's wedding, many of their friends were unable to attend the wedding, including the best man, due to the fact that he was overseas. To honor the best man, a custom beer pint glass filled with his favorite brew was placed at his seat on the head table. In addition one of the groomsmen read his toast to the newlyweds during the reception. It was a simple, yet fitting way to include him in the wedding.

Other ways to honor those in the military include incorporating yellow ribbons in the decor or a framed photograph of the person being honored. Or in the above photo their dog tag is used as an adornment to the bridal bouquet.

How will you be honoring those who we have lost or who are served?

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