Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Scavenger Hunt!

To celebrate my 27 Birthday this March a group of friends participated in a Birthday Scavenger Hunt ending in a dinner at one of my favorite sushi restaurants, Wasabi Bay! With a list of 27 items to find, four teams of three people were sent searching Mill Creek with cameras in hand to capture each find. The scavenger hunt was a great way to get all of us excited and laughing until the night ended! Take a peak below at some of our fun!The final item to find was "The Best Free Birthday Gift." There were many good finds but I think the birthday balloon that was found in the trash may be the winner! Although I decided it was best to keep it there...Thinking of planning your own scavenger hunt? Be sure to consider your group, the ages of the participants, number of nearby stores or restaurants and the geographical area you are covering. If you are looking at making this a large event, possibly consider adding transportation or letting Pink Blossom Events plan your hunt!

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