Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SoundTrading Co. - Northwest Gift Registry!

Have you heard of Sound Trading Co? It's a new gift registry in the Northwest for the unique and local gifts!

If you're getting married and you don't want to have to choose a registry of gifts only at a big box store, but gifts that reflect what you care about and the things you really want like amazing local bike tours and other local experiences, up-cycled art, local one-of-a-kind home goods, and a variety of non-profits that you can donate to, then Sound Trading Co is your source! They make it easy.

At Sound Trading Co their goal is to create an online venue where people looking for great gift registry can access the beautiful & environmentally conscious products found in our community. They feature gifts by local artists, businesses, and non-profit organizations from the Puget Sound region that operate on the cutting-edge of environmental responsibility. As you explore the site you'll find furniture made from salvaged local trees, organic CSA memberships, recycled glass tableware, and much more. Support local artists, strengthen the environment, and access amazing gifts through Sound Trading Co: Local Gift Registry for Good.

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