Monday, March 28, 2011

Ceremony Ghost Writing!

The other day I met with Pat and Kent of A Heavenly Ceremony and we got to talking about how I often find my clients needing help writing their ceremony. While having a friend or family member officiate your wedding is a special addition to your big day, it can also leave you clueless as to how you go about writing the ceremony. However, Seattle is in luck as A Heavenly Ceremony is here to help! Listen below as Pat explains...

You have your location, you have your dress, you have everything you need for the wedding of your dreams...including your favorite uncle (aunt, mom, dad, or dear friend) to officiate for you. But as much as you want them to celebrate your ceremony, you realize both they and you could use some help with the wording.

Your ceremony is the heart of your wedding and you want it to be heartfelt, inspiring, engaging, personal, light-hearted and joyous. Where do you begin?

I can help you! Having officiated for 15+ years and being a professional writer, you have access to lots of ideas and ways to make your ceremony truly yours! It is a co-creative experience so you are sure to have wording that you love and your officiate will enjoy presenting! For more information, contact!

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