Monday, November 8, 2010

Woodman Lodge Murder Mystery!

Have you ever been to a murder mystery dinner? If not, be sure to check out the Woodman Lodge's murder mystery dinner series performed by Events on The Edge, as you will be in for a treat! I had the opportunity to attend the opening night last week and truly enjoyed myself! The Woodman Lodge is a spectacle in itself as it has been fully restored into a restaurant from the original days as a modern woodman of American camp. Not only will you be amazed by the lodge, but their extensive menu will be sure to knock your socks off!
The murder mystery is full of surprises and follows the story line of a man who has received a large sum of money.
Don't miss your chance to attend this series!
For tickets and information about the show click here.
Looking to host your own private murder mystery, contact Events on The Edge.

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