Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Duffy's Brew - Groom's Gift!

Searching for that perfect gift for your groomsmen? Why not give them something that their friends will envy?

Late this September I was at the Fremont Sunday Market and introduced myself to Nicollete and Sean, co-founders of Duffy's Brew. It was their first day at the Market and they were thrilled to launch their new product! I knew that this was something special as who knew you could mix beer with your hair care products? Duffy's Brew Beer Based Products are currently available in both a shampoo and conditioner.

Now your groomsmen can take their morning rinse with a scent of Beer!

Cheers to a brilliant idea, or as the Duffy's gang say, "Happy Hour is in the Shower!"

Click here to purchase your own Duffy's Brew!

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