Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tallant House

After sending clients over for tastings at Tallant House it was time that I finally sat down and experienced a Tallant House tasting with owner, Judy Tallant, myself. The tasting was definitely an event in itself. Judy takes pride in providing an intimate tasting for two which even combines a little bit of bubbly!The tasting began with an explanation of Judy's specialty, French pastry, then moved along to the best part, the sampling! Prior to my visit Judy asked me what types of fillings I gravitate towards to help her narrow down the variety I would sample. I chose fruit and berry flavors as those are my favorite. Lucky for me, there are more than enough to choose from! From blood orange to pear, my taste buds where in for a treat! My overall favorite flavors where definitely the current and strawberry fillings which are homemade by Judy.

After sampling well over 15 fillings, it was onto the cake! I sampled pistachio, poppy seed and lemon cake. Honestly, they were all fabulous, but the poppy seed was by far my favorite!

As the tasting ended, I challenged Judy to a new cake flavor, a seabreeze inspired cake. She is know on the hunt to combine cranberry, grapefruit and a splash of vodka!

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