Monday, July 12, 2010

New from Solace Arts!

I must say I was very impressed when I received Solace Arts newsletter this month and discovered some new things they were offering! I decided I had to meet up with Emily and learn more about their wedding registry and free downloads for all program!

Wedding Registry
Guests are often looking for new ways to help a couple out on their wedding day, so Solace Arts created a wedding registry that allows guests a chance to chip in on the couple's wedding photos! Click on here to take a peek!

Free Downloads for All Program!To make it easy for your guests to enjoy and share your wedding day photos Solace Arts is offering all of your images free for guests to download! This means no hassling with payment and guests are able to share them instantly with no cost at all! Now that's fantastic!

Solace Arts also offers amazing albums and coffee-table books, unique wedding websites, and a number of other terrific amenities to couples. For more information contact Solace Arts!

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