Monday, June 21, 2010

Picture This

Sometimes simply working with my clients puts me up front with a new and upcoming company. Thank you to my July 31st clients for introducing me to Picture This, a unique idea for guest books at any event!

Earlier this month I met with their Washington sales coordinator to take a sneak peak at this up-and-coming product. Using advanced touchscreen technology, Picture This is an interactive guest book that will keep your guests busy all night. It features a photo booth, photo guest book, photo sharing feature and a photo gallery! And not to mention it also duties as a wedding favor as guests can take home their photo booth strip immediately after taking their photos!
Following the wedding, the bride and groom are sent a final version of their guest book complete with photos and handwritten wishes from their guests! Priceless!

Here are examples of what the finished product looks like:

Looking forward to sharing the guest book from my client's wedding this July!

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