Friday, April 23, 2010

Savor Seattle

I met with Angela Shen, owner of Savor Seattle, at Trophy Cupcakes the other day to chat and learn a little more about each other's businesses. I must say, Angela's idea of sharing her passion of food to the public has been a huge success! What better way to see a city or to feel at home then with a tour of the best restaurants around! Savor Seattle Food Tours offers delicious food and cultural walking tours that explore the famous Pike Place Market, the gourmet Seattle restaurant scene, and of course...chocolate!
Savor Seattle is also a great event to incorporate into your wedding or celebration. Why not spend an afternoon on a tour to kick-off your bachelorette party? Or if your out of town guests are looking for something to do before your wedding suggest they take one of the tours? Savor Seattle is making it even easier with exclusive discount codes for your wedding guests which can be added to your wedding website. The process is simple, to set up a discount code for your wedding guests (ex: save 10% off automatically by using the code “JANEANDMIKE”), send an email to: [email protected] and your guests will be happy you did!

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