Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bridal Shower Wine Party Idea!

The sun is shining, the days are getting longer and summer weddings are just around the corner. It must be time to plan your bridal shower! In this month's posting, Cheri Walters shares her tips on combining wine with a bridal shower.

Bridal showers have traditionally been a time for playing fun games inspired to surround the bride-to-be with love. Why not incorporate wine into the mix?One game I recommend is a blind tasting. This can be a ton of fun, add excitement to the party, and can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their wine experience. Simply provide 4 or more bottles of different types of wine*. Depending on the size of your party it can be more.

To provide these wines, you can have each guest bring their own bottle or, as the host, provide all the wine. Then, before the guests have a chance to see any of the wine labels, place a bag around each bottle and neatly tape up the top so there’s no peaking. Of course, if each guest has brought their own they should arrive with the bottle already hidden in a bag.

Once all wines are accounted for, write a designated number on each bag so that guests will then be able to keep track of which ones they’ve tried. I recommend having one person do this without anyone else seeing. This way if you’ve brought a wine to the party you won’t know which one is yours.

Throughout the party your guests are welcome to try the wines and write down their thoughts, scoring each wine on a ten point scale- 10 being excellent.

I have found that this part of the game sparks great conversations!

Once everyone has had a chance to taste through the wines, tally up the scores for each wine, and the highest score wins. This is when the great reveal happens and each wine is taken out of its bag for everyone to see. If each guest has provided a wine, a fun thing to do is give a prize to the person who brought the winning entry.

*Moderation: Some things to keep in mind… I always like to have ‘spittoons’, aka spit buckets, easily accessible for guests so that if someone wants to taste the wine in moderation, they have the option to pour out extra wine from their glass. Champagne ice buckets are classy and will do the trick. There is no shame in pouring out wine in order to consume in moderation- wine geeks do it all the time.

For a variation on this game, try providing wines by all female winemakers. This adds a fun spin to the game and your guests learn a thing or two about women in the wine world. There is even a Facebook fan page for female wine makers to help when purchasing the wines.

If you would like to go beyond the ordinary with your bridal shower contact Pink Blossom Events and Cheri. We will help break the ice and create a fun and approachable wine tasting experience tailored to your needs. We’ll take care of the planning and the wine. All you have to do is show up, relax and raise your glass in celebration!

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