Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedding Insurance: Tips For Buying Online

The other day I received an email from Wedding Protector Plan with tips on buying wedding insurance online. I thought I would share this with all of you as these tips can help determine which companies to consider in the process.
An insurance company's financial strength is an important consideration when choosing a policy.
Find out the company rating through a well-known system, such as A.M. Best. A good rating assures you that the company is solid and financially secure. An "A" (Excellent) rating or better is highly recommended.

Brick and Mortar Building: It is good to have a policy that has an actual office as well as a "virtual office".
Companies that offer their products both online and offline in a traditional way brings much more credibility. Many of these brick and mortar companies that have expanded into e-commerce have the added advantage of an established distribution channel of quality insurance agents.

A Licensed Insurance Agent: When looking for online insurance quotes many people may not understand the insurance product and might end up choosing something that will not insure them properly. This can have serious ramifications. Consulting a licensed agent may eliminate this problem.

Understanding the Difference in Policies Available: All policies may look the same on the surface but it is very important to understand the terms and conditions of the policy. There may be huge differences in actual coverage due to deductibles and special wording of policies.
Not realizing a policy has hidden charges and high deductibles and/or separate deductibles for each coverage can be a very costly mistake.
Claims Office 24/7: It is important that you are able to discuss a claim at any time. Accidents do not always happen during regular business hours (especially for events) and it is important to have trained professionals available the moment you need them.
No matter what source you go to get your insurance, you should always choose insurance with a secure and trusted insurance company and has proven customer service. Also you should fully understand the policy before you go ahead and sign it.

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