Monday, December 14, 2009

Looking for a Unique Christmas Gift?

With only only a little over a week left until Christmas, many of us are still scrambling to find that perfect gift. Rather than going out and spending a lot of money on a gift, why not make something that can last for a couple of days or all year long?
This year I decided to give presents that really mean something. Part of my gifts to my family were actually given out the day after Christmas. I created a personalized advent calendar for each of my family members that would allow them to celebrate a little bit of the holiday season every day in December. For example, my dad enjoys doing puzzles during the winter after work so I purchased a puzzle and filled many of the days with the puzzle pieces, alternating with jokes and candy. For my mom who is an avid gardener, I filled her calendar with garden seeds and coupons for things that we can do together. These coupons included going Christmas shopping or spending a day wine tasting. It may be simple things that I put in their envelopes, but it is something to put a smile on their faces and to remind them that I am thinking about them each day. I also created one for my boyfriend and grandma with things that they enjoy. To create this calendar, I took envelopes and labeled them with the days of the month and filled them with little gifts specific to that individual. When I presented the advent calendar to each person I included a piece of ribbon and clothespins to hang each envelope. The idea is to open an envelope, starting on day one, until you reach the twenty fifth day!
While it may be too late to create an advent calendar, there are many ideas that you can play off of this idea. What about making a personalized Twelve Days of Christmas gift? Starting on Christmas Day, give them a gift that symbolizes the first day of Christmas (A partridge in a pear tree). Then each following day you can give them a gift to represent the second, third, forth, etc....days Christmas. Or rather than giving a partridge in a pear tree, you could create gifts based on the numbers. One of something on day one, two of something on day two of Christmas until you get to day twelve.
Do you have a unique gift that you are giving your family? What about something that will bring you closer this coming New Year? If so, we would love to hear your ideas!


lundgren79 said...

This is beautiful! Did you make the envelopes or did you buy them. They are lovely and this is a fabulous idea.

. said...

The one featured in this blog post was created by someone else; however, the one I created was almost identical. I used a various assortment of envelopes.

This year I created one for one of my family members that I wrapped the various gifts in wrapping paper then hung from a mini Christmas Tree.

Happy Holidays!