Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet The Biscottis

Events On The Edge sure does know how to entertain a crowd! Last night I attended the hysterical Meet The Biscotti's at Parlor Live Comedy Club. Meet The Biscotti's is an interactive mafia musical comedy theater show loaded with audience participation, improvisation and music. The show revolves around the comical exploits of the Biscotti Family who have recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest from Bayonne, New Jersey and taken over! If you think your group or company is dysfunctional, just wait until you meet the Biscotti's! As the night progresses, you get to know the Biscotti's, learn special survival 'skills' like how to perform a proper hit, or even how to escape FBI surveillance. There is no other show in town like it!
Meet The Biscotti's has one last performance on Sunday, December 6th. Make sure to get your tickets before it is too late!
Events On The Edge is a small event company providing interactive entertainment for public and corporate clients. A unique idea to add some some fun to your next event!

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