Monday, November 2, 2009

It's that time of year!

This weekend officially marked the start of the holiday season. Saturday night I was surrounded by costumes of all sorts, everything from toxic waste to a family dressed as Toy Story characters, reminding me that this time of year holds something special. This is the time that people tend to forget about their worries and truly enjoy the spirit of the holidays. From dressing up in ridiculous costumes on Halloween to stuffing themselves silly and shopping like madmen over Thanksgiving weekend to all the traditions that Christmas brings, this time of year brings out something in everyone.

With this said, it is time to start thinking about those holiday plans. Who is planning your annual company Holiday party? Who is shopping for all those gifts? What are you doing for New Years Eve? If your answer was a blank stare then Pink Blossom Events can help! Book by November 15 and Pink Blossom will send over a bottle of champagne for you to celebrate the holiday season with!

Speaking of wine, if you are looking for a customized gift for your customers, friends or family, why not design a bottle of personalized wine? Pink Blossom Wines can help create any type of label to make your gift truly unique!

Here is to wishing everyone a magical start to the holiday season!


Tony said...

I am personally not a wine drinker - but I have a few friends that might be interested in a personalized bottle for holiday gifts!

. said...

Tony, I would be happy to help any of your friends if they are interested.