Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brides and Grooms Have The Best Ideas!

The truth stands that brides and grooms have the best ideas when it comes to being unique. They are truly the only ones who know how to make an evening shout out their names. Such was the case when I went to my friends wedding last weekend at Georgetown Ballroom. The evening was full of creative additions that represented the bride and grooms love of travel.
However, the most surprising part came as the reception began. While guests were seated, anxiously awaiting to dig into the smells of Smokin' Pete's BBQ, the bride and groom debuted this video, The Seed of Love, created by a family member of the couple. Not only did the video star the newlyweds, but it was a fun touch that started the evening off on a humorous note.

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Julie Reinhardt said...

I agree that it really was a special wedding. We see a lot of weddings, and I love to see the unique touches people do. Things like this video, while they may take time, don't cost a thing! Thank you for the mention! Julie @ Smokin' Pete's BBQ