Monday, September 28, 2009

Wedding MBA

They say your brain is like a sponge taking things in as you go. Sometimes I wonder if that sponge can be overloaded? Case in point, last week I attended Wedding MBA in Las Vegas and my brain is still spinning full of information. While my body urged to sit poolside out in the sun with a fruity drink in hand, my gut told me I better get some learning in while there.

Wedding MBA is America's largest educational event dedicated to the business side of the wedding business. The focus on this event was not necessarily about weddings in general but the business behind it. During the conference we listened to some of the top wedding industry professionals speak on the latest trends, marketing tools, today’s Brides and of course some insider information. These experts represented companies including Martha Stewart Weddings, Wedding Wire, The Knot and other notable industry gurus.

While we were stuck inside all day, we did get a chance to see some of the sights of Vegas. My travel partner Carrie Stark of Elegant Images and I did scope out our favorite spots for those looking to travel down to Vegas.

Water Show at Bellagio Eiffel Tower at Paris Gondola Ride Inside the Venetian

I left Vegas with a bag full of knowledge and a notebook exploding with advice and changes for my business. I also left Vegas with a tip for all of you heading to Vegas...

The Top 3 Reasons You Know You Have the Wrong Hotel Room:

3. Your room key does not open the door.

2. The guests inside the room yell that someone is inside.

1. When the door opens and you insist that your clothes are inside, yet Carrie and BreeAnn, who are inside, show you that they are ironing their own clothes. This is a good indication that this is not your room!

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