Friday, July 31, 2009

Palm Reading

I have always been fascinated by palmistry and other psychic readings, so when Jim Barker of The Divine Hand Palmistry offered to read my palm the other week, I was thrilled!
Jim has been a professional palm reader for over 20 years in the Seattle area. When we met, the only thing he knew about me was that I was an event planner, but he managed to connect all the lines with what was going on with my life, whether it be past, present or future. I found it intriguing that so much could be discovered about a person simply by looking at their hands. As Jim explained, "your hands have more moving parts than any other single part of your body. What you do and who you are is expressed through your hands. When you change a habit, or a career, or a hobby – it shows up in the hands through a change in the muscle tone, the calluses, and the lines. Through years of study and experience, I can identify aspects expressed in body language through your hands, and develop a good overall view of what is going on in your life based on both traditional and modern interpretations."

Jim has done palm readings for a number of events including bachelorette parties, wedding rehearsals, birthday parties and one on one readings as well. I would highly recommend contacting him for your next event if you want to add something unique.

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Jim Barker said...

Thanks, BreeAnn, for the lovely blog post. It was a pleasure reading your palms.